$ELEPHANT Token - Store of Value Overview

The Elephant.Money Network’s store of value token (BEP-20) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that captures value by having the most fair distribution, an auto-rebalancing liquidity building mechanism, and by providing a lifetime of frictionless, passive rewards.

Token Supply

$ELEPHANT has a fixed supply of 1000 Trillion tokens, all of the tokens have been minted and are in circulation and no more will be minted. 50% of the supply is held by a rebalancing smart contract called the Graveyard (GY) which passively builds protocol owned liquidity on each rebalance.

Protocol Owned Liquidity

ELEPHANT tokens has two primary locked liquidity pools located on PancakeSwap, ELEPHANT/WBNB and ELEPHANT/BUSD. Both liquidity pools are 100% protocol owned liquidity.

Locked liquidity refers to liquidity that has been locked on a dex and can not be removed by the protocol or any 3rd party.

Buying & Selling, Transferring $ELEPHANT token

There is a 10% transaction fee on all $ELEPHANT token buys, sells or transfers

Passive Rewards For Holders

HODLers of ELEPHANT will receive non-inflationary passive rewards (RFI rewards) from simply holding the token in their wallet, from every transactions (buy, sell, and transfer) 10% fee; 5% is distributed evenly to all existing token holders, and 5% is added towards locked liquidity.

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