NFT Marketplace

Unlimited NFTs can be traded using the in-house NFT marketplace only available on the Elephant.Money dApp.

To access go to Elephant Money's Unlimited NFT's page (below), connect your wallet and click on "Marketplace".

Unlimited NFTs can be listed at a fixed price which is 10% less than the current mint price.

A 30% royalty is paid out to the Elephant Treasury when an exchange is made, the 30% royalty that is returned to the Elephant Treasury is used to support ecosystem's sustainable yields. This ensured that the NFT's always remain a net positive for the ecosystems participants, as buys and sells both benefit the Elephant Treasury which payor of last resort for all the yields across the Elephant Money ecosystem.

The primary place to exchange Elephant Money's Unlimited NFT's is the in-house NFT marketplace, but there can be times when there are no NFTs for sale in the in-house marketplace or participants may be looking for a specific color, such as a Black NFT. In those situations, participants can also explore the Elephant Money NFT's listed for sale on TOFU NFT's Marketplace (3rd-party NFT Marketplace).

Benefits of Listing Elephant Money NFTs at Elephant Money's NFT Marketplace

By listing Elephant Money NFT's on the Elephant Money NFT Marketplace, participants gain access to the fastest and most liquid market for Elephant Money NFTs (the most trading volume). Additionally, NFT marketplace sales support the long term sustainability of the protocol as the in-house Marketplace royalties provide a dynamic and robust additional revenue stream to support the Elephant Treasury system, the payor of last resort for all the yield in the ecosystem.

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