Elephant Money Futures Vaults

Stable Yield On-Demand

Elephant Money Futures ("Futures") is a high yield cashflow engine that yields up to 182% APR (0.5% daily) on cash. There are no taxes or fees of any kind and the contracts are 100% immutable and on-chain.

Elephant Money Futures is a low maintenance, highly flexible and innovative solution that provides a stable and sustainable return on investment backed by the unstoppable Elephant Treasury. Futures has been designed to encourage regular investing and users can implement many strategies to grow a nest egg, smooth out cashflow, or simply grow profits before entering ELEPHANT, Unlimited NFTs or Trumpet.

Understanding the intricacies of how Futures operates is crucial for participants to maximize their returns and contribute to the overall sustainability and growth of the platform.

How It Works

At its core, Futures offers participants the opportunity to earn interest rates based on two key factors: the Base Rate and the Personal Rate. The base rate is a fundamental component of the rate calculation and is subject to constant adjustments based on market dynamics. As of the latest update, the base rate stands at approximately 58% APR (Annual Percentage Rate), which translates to around 0.16% daily. This rate serves as the foundation for calculating the yield earned by participants.

The second factor, the personal rate, adds another layer to the interest calculation. It starts at 182% APR (0.5% daily) and is combined with the base rate to determine the total interest earned by each participant on a daily basis. By adding the personal rate to the base rate, participants can achieve a daily return on their Futures balance.

In summary, Futures operates as a dynamic financial instrument that offers participants the opportunity to earn attractive interest rates while contributing to the growth and stability of the Elephant Money ecosystem. By understanding the nuances of the base rate, personal rate, and the role of the BNB Reserve, participants can make informed decisions to optimize their earnings and support the long-term success of the platform.

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