Fees - Detailed

Fee Breakdown

There is a 10% transaction fee for all buys, sells and transfers of $ELEPHANT token done on PancakeSwap ("PCS").

Transaction fees on ELEPHANT token reward long-term holding (3,3) while virtually eliminating day trading opportunities, subsequently dramatically reducing token volatility.

10% of every transaction for $ELEPHANT token is distributed to existing to token holders and locked liquidity on PCS, split equally 5%. The graveyard is treated as just another holder.

50% of fees collected on Buys, Sells or Transfers goes to create an ELEPHANT/WNBNB LP pair which is then sent to locked liquidity on PancakeSwap

Fee Breakdown:

In addition to PancakeSwap, the ELEPHANT token can also be purchased on the Elephant.Money website directly using BNB (8.5% Transaction Fee) through the Buy with Bertha (BWB) program.

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