Base Rate & The BNB Reserve

The Base Rate is one of the two rates that are combined to determine the individual Future's accounts daily rate.

One of the critical elements affecting the base pate and, consequently, participant earnings is the BNB Reserve. The BNB Reserve acts as a pool of BNB specifically designated to cover smaller claims from Futures participants. It plays a crucial role in stabilizing and optimizing the interest rates offered by Futures. The value of the BNB Reserve is subject to fluctuations based on various factors, including market conditions and user activity.

To ensure the sustainability of the platform and maintain healthy interest rates, several mechanisms are in place to manage the BNB Reserve effectively.

Firstly, any deposit made into Futures contributes to the growth of the BNB Reserve, with 10% of each deposit allocated to bolstering this pool. Additionally, the price of BNB itself impacts the value of the BNB Reserve, with increases in BNB price leading to corresponding growth in the reserve's value.

Furthermore, participants should be aware of the relationship between their available balance in Futures and the size of the BNB Reserve. Any withdrawal from Futures that exceeds 1% of the BNB Reserve's value is sourced from the Elephant treasury rather than the BNB Reserve itself. This mechanism aims to mitigate the depletion of the BNB Reserve, ensuring that it remains robust and capable of sustaining interest rates over time.

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