Token Mechanics - Mint & Redeem

It is the process of MINTING and REDEEMING Trumpet that ensures the $TRUNK/$TRUMPET ratio only ever goes up. $Trumpet can only be minted through the dApp using the native $TRUNK stablecoin.


Minting (buying) $TRUMPET can only be done through the dApp with $TRUNK already held by the user.

All mints charge a 5% mint fee.


Redemption can be considered selling $TRUMPET in an OTC (Over the Counter) direct exchange between the user and the protocol with no price impact beyond the Redemption Fee. All redemptions charge a 5% redemption fee.

Fee Breakdown: Mint Fee - 5% (Collateralized backing of the token) Redeem Fee - 5% (Collateralized backing of the token) Transfer Fee - 0%

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