Personal Rate

The Personal Rate in Futures stands as a pivotal factor deserving meticulous scrutiny, particularly owing to its intricate dynamics. It synergizes with the Base Rate to delineate the daily earnings for participants. While the Base Rate furnishes a fixed segment of the earnings formula, the Personal Rate introduces a variable aspect hinged on individual contributions and behaviors within the system.

Commencing at a modest 0.50% daily, the Personal Rate embarks on a daily decay trajectory spanning 45 days. This implies that with each passing day, the rate gradually diminishes, ultimately reverting to its foundational level of approximately 0%.

To return the Personal (daily) Rate back to 0.50% participants must make a new deposit into Futures, which returns starts the daily decay trajectory. This degradation mechanism is purposefully crafted to prompt early and consistent engagement with the platform, rewarding users who deposit funds and sustain their involvement over time.

Of paramount significance is the fact that the Personal Rate isn't exclusively contingent on passive holding. Active participation, encompassing liquidity provision, governance involvement, or other impactful contributions to the ecosystem, can favorably sway the rate. This setup incentivizes sustained engagement and nurtures a sense of communal ownership among participants.

Critically, the Personal Rate operates autonomously from external market conditions, providing stability and predictability to participants' earnings. Nonetheless, it remains susceptible to adjustments predicated on alterations in user behavior, protocol enhancements, and overarching system dynamics.

Given its fluid nature, participants are urged to monitor their Personal Rate vigilantly. By comprehending and harnessing the intricacies of the Personal Rate, participants can optimize their earning potential and actively foster the expansion and resilience of the Futures ecosystem.

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