Mint, Rewards & Claim Mechanics

When a user mints an NFT using BNB, 100% of the BNB is used to purchase Elephant Token from the cheapest liquidity pair (ELE/BUSD or ELE/WBNB) at that time.

The purchased Elephant Tokens are then sent to the Elephant Treasury.

Unlimited NFTs are an integral part of the Elephant Treasury growth strategy. You can learn more about the treasury inflows and outflows here.

In order to be eligible for rewards, NFTs must be staked on the dApp. All staked NFTs share 1% APR of the Elephant Treasury. Rewards are calculated in real-time and it is up to the community to Sweep available rewards in order to distribute the rewards to all NFTs staked.

The community must sweep rewards at least every 24 hours or they will stop accumulating. The minimum amount that can be swept is equivalent to a value of 100 BUSD.

The user is then free to claim their Elephant Token rewards at any time. Upon claiming, the Elephant Tokens will be sent to the participants wallet and will start benefiting from RFI rewards.

There are no restrictions on how frequently or infrequently the particpant choses to claim their NFT rewards.

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