TRUNK Turbine

The TRUNK Turbine is a key new feature being introduced in the Elephant Money Futures v10 update. Here are the main details about the TRUNK Turbine:

  • 100% immutable.

  • It is a single-sided liquidity pool designed to accumulate and hold TRUNK tokens over the long-term.

  • 20% of all deposits made into the Futures v10 contract will be used to purchase TRUNK tokens and add them to the TRUNK Turbine.

  • The TRUNK Turbine aims to create constant buy pressure for the TRUNK token, driving up its value over time through sustained accumulation.

  • It operates on a fixed 1% APR model, using the yields to buyback ELEPHANT tokens and send them to the ELEPHANT Treasury.

  • This 1% APR buyback mechanism allows the TRUNK Turbine to grow the ELEPHANT Treasury's value as the market cap of TRUNK increases.

  • The TRUNK Turbine is part of the new "twin turbine" system along with the BTC Turbine, introduced to enhance asset diversification and risk management for the Elephant Money ecosystem.

So in essence, the TRUNK Turbine enables Elephant Money to continuously accumulate TRUNK while using its yields to support the ELEPHANT token, positioning the protocol to benefit from TRUNK's projected price appreciation over time.

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