Futures Key Features

☑️ Deposit & lock BNB into the Futures vault and earn daily rewards on your Total Value Locked (TVL)

☑️ Rewards are paid at a rate of up 0.5% daily of your TVL

☑️ Minimum Deposit is 200 USD worth of BNB

☑️ Rewards can be claimed at any time

☑️ Rewards claimed will be deducted from Personal TVL

☑️ Unclaimed rewards will be rolled into your TVL automatically on a fresh deposit (compounding)

☑️ 90% of funds are used to buy Elephant Token and sent to the Elephant Treasury

☑️ 10% of funds are held in the BNB Reserve for yield repayment

☑️ Yield is paid by the BNB Reserve & the Elephant Treasury

☑️ Max personal TVL is $1M USD

☑️ Max payout of $2.5M USD

☑️ Max daily withdrawal & max accumulated rewards $50k USD

☑️ Individual & system wide adaptive rate limiters in place to increase sustainability

*Rate limiters apply

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