BTC Turbine

Elephant Money's BTC Turbine is a groundbreaking feature that harnesses the power of Bitcoin, the world's most valuable digital asset. This long-term, single-sided liquidity pool serves as a treasury for accumulating and holding Bitcoin, capitalizing on its potential for price appreciation over time. The BTC Turbine is a 100% immutable store of value for the Elephant Money ecosystem. The BTC Turbine operates by allocating a portion of the deposits made to Elephant Money Futures towards purchasing and storing Bitcoin.

With a fixed 1% APR, the BTC Turbine is used to buy back and send $ELEPHANT tokens to the Elephant Treasury (BERTHA), further strengthening the ecosystem. This innovative approach not only diversifies Elephant Money's treasury holdings but also provides a sustainable source of yield generation. By continuously accumulating Bitcoin, the BTC Turbine positions Elephant Money at the forefront of the digital asset revolution, enabling it to benefit from the growth and adoption of the world's most prestigious cryptocurrency.

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