The Graveyard Rebalanced Event

The Graveyard Rebalance

A graveyard rebalancing event will occur once the graveyard address has collected 51% of the total supply of ELEPHANT (510T tokens). This will typically occur every few months. Once it has reached this amount, any participant can trigger the “rebalance graveyard” function on the website UI by simply paying the required gas fees for the transaction.

Once triggered the graveyard address will sell off 5T ELEPHANT (0.5% of the total supply) for BNB in batches on PancakeSwap. The remaining 5T ELEPHANT will be used to pair with the acquired BNB to provide additional locked liquidity to the ELEPHANT/BNB LP pair. Not only does this provide an excellent buying opportunity for bystanders but it also ensures that liquidity is scaling appropriately with growth for the Elephant.Money ecosystem.

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