The HERD Partner Network

The Herd (Partner Program Network) is the first-of-its-kind onboarding system that benefits both team builders and new participants to the Elephant.Money ecosystem alike. Participation is completely voluntary, however by utilizing the partner network, not only are participants rewarded for building out their teams organically, but newcomers are provided equal incentive to participate.
Unlike many other multi-level marketing referral systems, which consistent of pyramid structures, tiered referral trees, etc. there is only 1 level of affiliate rewards, making it most similar to Amazon or Tesla’s affiliate system.
The Herd’s system was thoughtfully designed to disincentivize bad actors, the need for self referrals, leeching rewards, etc. Reward credits, equivalent to 1% of the earned deposits or yield, are issued whenever the referred individual deposits or earns yield in the applicable Elephant Money yield generating products.
The rewards credits are split 50/50, or 0.5% each, between the referred and referrer in the form of airdrops. There is no minimum TRUNK balance needed in order to benefit from the program. Rewards will be generated as long as you have your partner address set.

Elephant.Money offers 5 different ways to earn partner rewards as part of the HERD.

The next sections will cover how each rewards program works.