Elephant Money Farms

Lossless, Non-Custodial Farms
The Elephant Money Farms (“EMF”) are tax-less, fee-less, frictionless, and does not have a time-lock. Participants will deposit two assets at a 50/50 ratio to open a farm position, one of the assets must be TRUNK. Ex. 50% BUSD combined with 50% TRUNK.
Participants will be able to enter farms with a variety of asset pairs including BUSD/TRUNK, BTCB/TRUNK, ETH/TRUNK & WBNB/TRUNK. More pairs may be announce in the future.
The Dual-staking saver pool model allows for zero impermanent loss, meaning, the amount of coins staked will be the exact coin amount removed later. The saver pools accept the coins separately that are of equal value to each other, but are never turned into a liquidity pair (LP) token, therefore avoid impermanent loss.