Peg-Adjusted APR (PAR)

Stampede Perpetual Bonds and Elephant Money Farms use a variable peg adjusted reward rate.

Stampede Bonds

When TRUNK is at peg (1 TRUNK = 1 BUSD) the daily reward rate is 0.5%.
If TRUNK is below the peg, the daily reward rate is adjusted down proportionately.

Daily Rate Formula

Max Daily Rate (0.5) * Peg = Current Daily Rewards Rate

Elephant Money Farms

The rate earned in Farms is based on two factors the farm multiplier and the current peg. When TRUNK is pegged (1:1 BUSD) the full reward rate is distributed.
If TRUNK is below the peg then the reward APR scales down proportionately.
Each pool will have a multiplier set between 1x-10x, which translates to a dynamic 10.25% — 125% respectively.

APR Formula

Peg * Multiplier * 0.125 = Current Rewards APR